Monday, January 19, 2009

For Ethan and Carol

Bev and I experienced this same loss back in 1993. It's never easy. I wrote this for my catharsis. We hope it helps anyone who travels this painful path.

Small Spirit

We all so wanted to hold you,
to nurture you with smiles,
hugs and love.
We were waiting, filled with hopes
of teaching you all things are possible.
Your sisters dreamed of playing
peek-a-boo games.
Your brother planned to show you
free-wheel bicycle tricks.
Daddy, who knew in his heart you were a boy,
envisioned quiet hours along a trout stream
talking about little things,
like why the delicate flying creatures
are called dragonfies,
and where the big fish can be found feeding
when morning mists rise from the water.
And Mommy,
with only sadness left to fill a silent womb,
aches from empty arms that longed to hold you
feeling your strong sucking tug at her breast.
For mommy a feeling of despair
knowing she has lost you
before she could sing to you the songs
her mother sang to her,
before she could gently kiss your forehead,
asleep in her embrace.

Small Spirit that fled our lives too soon,
newly conceived, still in the womb,
know peace and comfort we pray,
sleep warmly wrapped in the love we send
as angels carry you back into God's arms.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I will make sure Ethan and Carol get to read it. You guys were one of my first thoughts that day. I remembered your loss. When I lit candles, one of them was for your family.