Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About the 9 11 poem

There are a number of terms within this poem you may not recognize:
Shaitan (Satan) is from Arabian mythology. It is a type of djinni (genie) created by Allah, is evil, eats dirt and excrement, and serves only to lead humankind into sin by temptation, creating illusions, visions of pleasures to be had by committing sins. The promise of 70 virgins in heaven becomes a little clearer with this understanding, doesn't it?
Abzu is the primeval waters of creation. Also the Sumerian deity of underground waters.
Enki is a creator god; god of wisdom; god of sweet water, worshipped in Summeria and Iraq 3500 BC to 1750 BC.
All djinni loathe salt and water.
Sources for this information are:
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