Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pessimist's Creed

The universe is not sympathetic to your plight.
It abhors perfection.
It always finds ways to deteriorate
in the harmony of chaos.
We small fragile creatures cannot fathom this.
Though we understand the concept of hopeless
We think our lives timeless
even as they hurtle toward completion.
We view it as some sort of movie
part fantasy, part documentary,
caught on the film of our memory.
A feather separated from the wing
and tumbling aimlessly on a crisp fall breeze
has more substance,
and perhaps more meaning,
than the ego of our lives.

Yes, another jigsaw. This time the words are from Katie Regan. Sorry, Katie. I stare at the words and then watch what comes out. The result is never a reflection on the word giver. The words this time were sympathetic, perfection, always, harmony, fathom, hopeless, timeless, completion, movie, feather.

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