Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Stop pushing me.
I have problems of my own
and your inability to face up to yours
doesn’t give you the right to push me.
See, your job sucks, I know,
and your wife (girlfriend, sometime lover)
is as true as my cat –
right, anybody that feeds this female
gets a lap cuddle for the night –
sure and the friend you thought true
proves false, hell, we’ve all seen that –
come up with something at least different
if not meaningful,
something I haven’t seen, felt, lived,
that will say, shit yeah, this deserves
Stop crying to me.
Stop pushing
or I WILL push back
and I don’t’ think you’re fragile ego
could handle that!


  1. Whoa Billy....You're getting yourself all worked up.

  2. Tuned into an attitude there, but not quite sure where it came from - just showed up on the screen after a furious tickety ticking - showed it to my 21 year old daughter and her friend - the friend said - "Oh, that's Tara!" (or some such name) They both liked it. Seemed to think they knew who it was about. Wish I did.