Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Know Belial

The raspy whispering of Belial
hissing in your ear
comes with a warning
with just a hint,
the faintest touch of a scent
like a sensation half remembered,
the stench of sulphur and death
bloating in the sun.
The flicker of light
bathing the corner of the room,
in a welcoming yet eerie,
cold and artificial glow,
is dishonesty invited
into the family hearth.
We listen, we watch
and we applaud as he casts
his three nets into our lives.
The storm is the space
between the rain drops.
Everything we deem innocent
is tainted, only vigilance will protect us.
Do you know what is without worth?
The entanglement of wires and diodes
paints a phosphorescent sheen,
can you scent the decay?
Do you hear the cozening canard?
Do you know Belial?


  1. "raspy whispering", "stench of sulphur and death bloating in the sun", "he casts
    his three nets into our lives", "cozening canard" ...

    Vivid stuff, Bill.

  2. I didn't know about the three nets. I'm not sure how I missed them, but they're interesting as they make Belial also a 'fisher of men.' I have to think about the possibilities of that.The series of questions at the end is particularly good.

  3. the three nets are fornication, wealth and pollution of the sanctuary - pretty obscure from something called the Damascus Document - old testament apocrypha, but yes - you got my intent in using that image. and thank you, all of you!