Wednesday, March 11, 2009


She's not mine anymore.

Nevery wholly domesticated,
her allegiance temporary,
she dealt out affection sparingly.

Pleasing her was difficult.
Complaint was not permissable
and she responded to indecision
with indifference.

With no leash other than love to hold her
she began to wander.
The newness of an unmanaged world beckoned
with a thousand things to explore.

She visits now and then,
curious, yet aloof.
Seeing little has changed,
her curiosity satiated,
she soon leaves.

She's not mine anymore.
She's feral.

Author's note: This is a poem about a cat. It could also be about a few love relationships who passed through my life. If you have ever had cats of the indoor-outdoor variety, you will see some of them in this poem. If you have ever 'loved and lost', you may see your lost love interest in this as well.

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