Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Flowers Dream?

I have heard the trees discussing
the wind's steady climb up the hill.
I have been startled by the exclamation of rock splitting
from oak roots carving pathways into granite
spotted with colonies of mustard colored lichens.
Growth shines in the excrement for those who can see.
Life lies waiting in the rotting carcass.

It is said our own death is implicit
in the consumption of fur, feather and scale.

The truth of this has not been revealed to me.
I do not pretend to know
which is higher in the scheme of things.
Is the food chain linear?
Is there a moral hierarchy with a line
marked clearly in God's handwriting
saying, below here you may
with clear conscience consume for food,
above here you may not?

Some say life is linear
and there is an ethical line drawn
at some indication of consiousness.

Do leaf and stone have knowledge without voice
(at least that we can hear and understand)?
Do the flowers dream?
(I think I caught a field of poppies dreaming, once.)
Should we refrain from eating dreamers?

Dogs dream, I know, a hind leg twitching
untethered chasing dream bunnies.
We do not eat dogs
except, I hear, in Korea.

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