Wednesday, January 14, 2009

9 11 and other atrocities

At first my anger was such
that I stabbed at the air with clenched fists
and cursed.
"There is no healing for this!" I shouted,
"only vengeance, and retribution!
Only fire from the sky!"
My rancor grew and my imprecations expanded.
"Burn all that flame will caress!
Poison the waters so they cannot slake their thirst!
Salt the fertile ground so their babies will whimper
with the distended belly of starvation!
We will wrench these Shaitan from their unholy jijad
and cast them into the Abzu
to lie groveling for mercy at the feet of Enki!"
My anger spent, I stood panting,
sweat streaming down my temples,
a horror rising in my gorge at the thought
that I would wish these awful punishments
to fall upon children, upon innocents.
There, I understood, is where hatred finds
its supposed righteousness,
where the djinni finds escape from his confining bottle.
Tonight I will sleep with salt beneath my pillow
and make my supplication in the name of Allah
to show me the way to vanquish these demons
whirling from the desert sand,
without becoming one of them.

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